Jan 5, 2014

dear Kelly

Hello dear Kelly

We don't know each other but we have a link, a thread between us. Her name is Cat. She shared your story here and asked that we remember you at 8pm on Sunday 5th January 2014. As I live in the Land of the Long White Cloud and we see the sun rise over our island first, this will also be one of the very first messages you get.

I know your journey from the outside. In early 2011 my beautiful mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. And she has been fighting since. In January 2012 my incredibly intelligent father was diagnosed with brain cancer. His journey will end shortly but it's not his journey I want to show you.

I want to show you my mother- a courageous lion of a woman. My mother is winning her fight. I want to shout it from the skies. She is winning. She is living well with a terminal diagnosis. By living well I mean doing all she wants to do and we fully believe for many more years with her.

A terminal (huge scary life threatening) diagnosis does not define you or the life you will lead. My mother has lost a lung and done 4 rounds of chemo. She is now on natural therapies, Vit C infusions and inhaling daily. Her body has gone to the edge of hell and back and it is good. I would like to encourage you that your body is "fearfully and wonderfully made". That you have the seeds of greatness in you. Your body is miraculous and will fight for you.

I did not know that there is a way to live with a terminal diagnosis without dying. I am not sure if your diagnosis is terminal and I would not presume to compare you with my mother at all. But Kelly, if you are able to draw strength from my mothers situation or be encouraged that would be amazing.

My faith rests in Him. So I pray for you Kelly. For strength and healing. For courage and rest.

Be awesome, because you already are.

Love Sammy
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