Jan 30, 2014

on my hook

This week I am sneakily joining on with two linkys. I am not strictly "showing and telling" as these are not done but it may be a while before they are so hopefully I will be forgiven :-)

I am making two blankets but neither is smooth sailing (of course). The mustard is a gorgeous motif, that gets to be highly tedious after a while. I also did not convert the finished size from inches to metric so did not realise that this little gem will be the size of a large shawl when done rather than a blanket.

To combat the motif boredom I started the rainbow ripple blanket. I am using a variation of Lucy's ripple blanket. I need one stitch at the peak and valley to line up with rather than two stitches or my ripples start to wander off. Plus the edges of ripple blankets slay me. Mine get wavy. The vivid purple colour was crocheted about 10 times before I was happy with it.

So to alleviate the frustration of ripping out purple and starting all over again I chained on for a shawlette. Like this one. This was on the advice on my mother who watched my blood pressure spike after the 12th unraveling of the purple beast. A small project which should go well (knock on wood). I found the orange yarn on clearance, a mix of alpaca and wool.

Anyway, this has probably lulled most of you to sleep but there you go. A highly exciting glimpse into my crochet world. You're welcome.

Joining in with Leonie and Ginny (for the first time- woop!)

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