Jan 4, 2014

playing pirates

We have returned from 8 glorious  days spent at our favourite place in the world. The tide came and went and we all did what we do best in our little slice of heaven.

We fished and played in the rock pools

We swung on the swing and gazed at the view

We jumped on the trampolene overlooking the beach and practiced our moves

We played pirates a whole lot. There was a pirate king with drawn on beard and hat complete with feather

There was an adorable pirate princess

And a rascally pirate boy

We hunted for treasure with maps that "washed up on the beach" in beer bottles

And treasure was found in small boxes containing jelly beans much to the small pirate boys joy

The pirate king was captured and made to walk the plank

And the pirate queen roasted marshmallows in Pirate Cove like no-ones business

The pirate boy sailed away in his pirate ship

And the pirate king played in the trees and smiled like he hasn't for many months.

It was pure magic in the holiest sense. We are relaxed, sun burnt and ready for 2014. Bring it on!

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