Jan 20, 2014

saying no

I can't have another year like last year, friends. I just can't. And I am not even talking about cancer here. Just life or rather work life. I am a commercial interior designer and I started a business when Luka was a baby so I could work from home. The company I was with before Luka came home could not accept me working from home some of the time and I needed Luka to bond with me. Day care was never an option. So I started a business.

It's been more than hard, it's been insane. Because I am a mommy first. I was never going to allow myself to get immersed in a business. But the business is like a bucking bronco. It wants to GROW. People look in from the outside and wonder why I resist getting offices out of home and employing staff. I just don't want the business to rival the big guns in town. I don't want that life.

Yet I need to bring in some money and I really do love what I do. Last year I tried to manage contractors remotely with a turnover that doubled. Nice problems to have I guess. But I worked almost every single night and every single weekend. I have begun to hate the business for pulling me away from the family.

It nearly broke me and here we are in January two weeks into the working year and I have worked two nights in the last couple of days. January is usually very quiet for design companies... *cue mild panic*

A client called on Friday about a project with an insane deadline. This would mean the last two weeks of school holiday would be hell on wheels with me working every second I am awake. So I am saying no. Breaking the cardinal rule of "never say no to a client". Thank you but we can't. And trusting that we will have more than enough work this year.

I am firstly a wife and mommy. End of (my) story x

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