Jan 15, 2014

stash blanket

As I am rather obsessed with making blankets I don't get to join in this space very often. Blankets take a loooong time but they are very thrilling. I love the idea of making things that are heirlooms, that are laboured over and will keep for years and years. My mother has a blanket that my grandmother crocheted and it's still going strong. As it was made of acrylic yarn it's deteriorated in places so I always use wool for mine.

I looked at my stash and realised that I had all these balls of wool that I had been given or were left over from other projects. They were all DK/ 8ply so I had a wonderful blanket idea. Make my first ripple blanket in a rainbow of sorts. The colours all kind of worked and I really wasn't overly worried if they didn't.

I got stuck in and loved it. Ripples in rows are just the right amount of soothing and thinking combined.

The children (with my help, lets be real) got me a book for Christmas by crochet legend Kirsten Omdahl called The Finer Edge. It's amazing with all sorts of edgings- I used a circle coin edging for the blanket.

This was a gift for one of my most favourite people ever, my darling sister and friend Penny. She likes it a whole lot which makes me very happy x

Joining in with lovely Leonie x

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  1. That is amazing I love it! A ripple blanket is on my to do list this year. The edging is really gorgeous.

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  3. Sammy, that is the most beautiful ripple blanket I have ever seen. The edging is absolutely gorgeous!
    You are my crocheting inspiration!

  4. Sammy the speed in which you whip blankets up in us inspiring ! Love this !
    Ps I think I saw Penny late last year at my local cafe -

  5. WOW!!! Sammy that is freeking awesome!! of course she loved it - gorgeous and go you - what a lovely lovely project and blanket xx

  6. That is just gorgeous! y only crochet consists of 6 granny squares! I must get them out and keep going :-)

  7. Amazing Sammy. I love the colours, and that edging is so beautiful. Lisa x

  8. Agree with everyone up there ^^^. Amazing job, love the edging too.

  9. its beautiful!! I love the ripple pattern ( really want to do one myself ) and that edging is the best finish for it! LOVE LOVE LOVE xx


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