Feb 2, 2014

back to school happies

Tonight we adopted a custom I have seen on blogs like Nie-nie's. A celebration of going back to school. Love it. Particularly when some of us have a tendency to get a little nervous. This helps make starting school for the year a good thing for Luka.

I made it all about pirates for Luka...

And pink fairies for little Grace.

Each child got a school related gift. Luka REALLY liked his pencil sharpener (!) Grace showed off her amazing post-shower hair do.

We all admired Luka's fresh new books and prayed for a wonderful year. So here we are, ready for the new school year.

Hope your kiddies go well tomorrow x


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  1. Love the look on his face - precious
    And what a great tradition

    My two started back last week

    Parcel coming your way today

  2. Yes it made me laugh (who gets excited about a pencil sharpener LOL??!!)

    Thanks for the yarn, can't wait woop!

  3. Hope it went well... ours aren't back until Friday!


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