Feb 15, 2014

simple play :: cotton bud painting

I love this book. I saw it somewhere {you know when you read something then click across and then across and land up somewhere down a rabbit hole? Well, there is where I found it ;-) }

It's awesome. I am so keen to do more art and creative stuff with the kiddies. I have picked out a couple of activities to do and this one was easy with no extra strange bits that I needed to purchase. Here is the cast of characters....

The idea is to do dots and create a picture out of lots and lots of dots. But the children used the cotton buds as paint brushes instead.

It kept them busy for a good 20 minutes which is a great length of time on a craft activity. Clean up was easy too- extra bonus points! I thoroughly recommend the book if you want to do more craft/ art but lack ideas (like me) x


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