Feb 25, 2014


God is merciful. I don't go on and on about my faith in this space but it is the foundation of my life. And at times like this, I am so glad the foundation is Him- strong and sure and immovable.

Life had become unbearable for my Dad. And I was desperate. So much so that it took every bit of strength I possessed to walk into the hospital each time. Last week we were faced with more brutal truth by the oncologost. The question of why were we continuing to nourish his body when clearly he did not need or want it. My Mom cried out to me that she could not starve her husband and so this was our dilemma.

God took us to the end of ourselves and then delivered us. It was not in the way we wished and yet it was. Dad died with the doctors and nurses around him. We didn't make it in time. It was quick and painless and dignified. All that we wanted. And I think as a warrior he would have wanted to protect us from his death with his last breath. Still, not being there was so hard. He was well loved and cared for though and I take comfort in the knowledge that God is good. And that my Dad is finally home.

So here we are. So relieved and yet so heart sore. My aunt arrives on Thursday and we say good bye on Friday. It is only a temporary good bye though, until we meet again.


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