Feb 11, 2014

mother lion standing down

I am very protective of Luka. Last year was a rough one with judgement and criticism leveled at him from all quarters- close ones too which really hurt. I have got used to being a protector for him.

We were at the dentist last week for a filling. Two of his teeth didn't form enamel properly so one had to be extracted and the other filled. Luka is super squeemish and was also terrified. Memories of the gas mask and theatre experience of when he had his tooth extracted were plaguing him. He could not lie down and eventually the dentist asked me to leave the room. Luka was crying for me as I left.

I stood just out of eye sight and saw Luka spit the water out of his mouth. This infuriated the dentist who laid into him. I wanted to run back and explain his squeemishness and terror but I couldn't. He needed to face this on his own. It was the hardest 5 minutes I have had for a long time. Eventually I came back in and cuddled him as they finished working on his tooth.

In the car I really wanted to tell how brave he had been. But he hadn't been brave at all. So I explained that this time he wasn't brave but next time he could be. I know that I am over protective. But it was so hard not to be.

What helps me to be honest with him is watching the American Idol auditions. Kids  audition thinking they are God's gift to the music industry and they are really really bad. I don't want to be that parent. Who tells my child they are something they are not and protects them from everything, including themselves.

But it is hard to let them face the world, friends. Super hard.


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  1. Awesome awesome parenting, I really applaud you! Sometimes the truth hurts a little but our kids aren't perfect and they need to learn to follow instructions and respect people that are not their parents ie the dentist. Sigh, life's tough when you're a kid too huh?

  2. It's hard being a parent, a grown-up, and also being a kid. So many things to learn and figure out - no easy way sometime to do so either... Well done you - it takes so much to hold back! Couldn't agree more about talent show auditions and similar instances - honesty is best in the long run! Hard but good x

  3. ^^^ what she said ^^^
    And *hugs* I know how tough it can be when those who we think are closest to us criticise us MEH

  4. Oh I hear you!! It brings me back to swimming lessons and my boys fear overtook him and wow he was so rude! but all I wanted to do is make excuses for him.....its can be so hard to hold back when you know there are reasons for their reactions that are unique to them, but then in the years to come when they venture in the big wide world by themselves we want to know that through our teachings we have armed them with a full arsenal of ways to cope without picking up alot of direct criticism to themselves......hard but good :) I reckon you dealt with that scenario perfectly and you'll be reaping the rewards in years to come when you see you have brought up a wonderful, happy child. It's worth it....really it is :)) xxx


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