Feb 8, 2014


 We have little people in our house who tend to wipe their mouths and hands on the their clothes/ table/ hair/ themselves, during dinner. Learning to eat is a difficult business, when you are mastering tools, trying eat with your mouth closed and so on and so on. So I thought I would try fabric serviettes a.k.a as "smooviettes" by Grace. They needed to be large, soft and at hand.

I wanted linen ones but the cost of linen put me off. I found a gingham heavy cotton which was a lot more reasonable. I have made them about 500x500 which is big but can cover a whole face, which is useful!

 My pictures were photo bombed by a small someone...

...with a box of cereal. Ta-da!!!

 The smooviettes seem to be working well. Let's see if the novelty sticks!!!


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