Feb 4, 2014

smores help

We took over the sky tv contract that my Mom got for my Dad at the hospital. We did it  for over the holidays and MJ swears we will let it go soon. We will see, watch this space, ha!

The kids love the junior programs. I love the innocence of Nick Jr and that my 5 year old boy idolises Diego. The upside is that Luka can count to 10 in Spanish and knows random animal facts about orcas and limas.

On that note they watch little chinese program and now we are going to the Lantern festival. I tell you, if we visit China or Latin America we will be set!

Anyway, it's mostly american and now Luka says grass with an american accent. He has also started obsessing about smores. I had to google this to even find out what it is.

So help me, friends. Luka wants smores next time we go to the bach. He says we will eat them in Pirate Cove (a small beach cove where we build camp fires). What would I use to make these? As far as I can tell, its a cracker with a marshmallow and chocolate in the middle. So what crackers? And what chocolate? Help needed for items I can buy locally (pretty please).

Thanking you xxxx

 Pirate cove with genuine pirates


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