Mar 13, 2014

a cushion or two

As a commercial interior designer I can buy upholstery fabric at trade price. I am not sure why I don't do it more often- perhaps I am a little stingy?

I wanted cushion covers to tie in with our rental house living room walls. They are mint green and not the good mint green either. Have I mentioned that the aluminium window frames are a china blue? Mint and china blue- yum, not.

I found this fabric and love it. It manages to make the walls look less like a mistake and more "tied-in". I won't go into the long and sorry tale of how I bought too little fabric AGAIN- like the last curtains/ pillow cases I made. There is a lesson here that no matter how carefully my creative brain thinks it's worked out the maths- always buy a meter more than I think I need.

Still they look fab and I am happy. A simple loose cover with a zip in the back- high five to me.

Joining in with the ever kind Leonie x

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