Mar 18, 2014

glue drying


What a crazy year it's been and last year? Last year was just plain mean. Everyone has gone home and moved on and I hit the wall. Got sick, cried so much and was (am) as crabby as can be. Lucky MJ.

I have been powering into the suppliments we take. We are sold on this. You can get it here. It's amazing. Plus lots of Vitamin C, Valerian flower and lavender oil. And I am very nearly sleeping.

For me, it is very important to watch the words I say at times like this. Words like "burn out", "not coping" and "hit the wall" should be used very sparingly. It is good to acknowledge the trial but realise that words form my world.

It's like a story I read once which stayed with me. A husband cheats on a wife. They stay together and try to make it work. The wife talks about the relationship like a plate that was shattered and then glued together. The glue needs time to dry before it is examined. The plate needs to be strong and held together by the dried glue before it can be picked up and turned over and examined. They decide wait before their glue is dry before they investigate & examine their relationship.

My glue is still drying. Was has happened over the last 13 months is so massive that the glue really needs to set before I try to examine it. Forming opinions and words around how I am and what is happening is not helpful or accurate right now. Waiting on His healing is what is needed.


My list. My lovely uplifting list. Love it x

6. Peace in the car on the way to school.
7. Flax coloured hair in little girl pigtails.
8. Little boy confidently shouting goodbye over his shoulder.
9. Ribbon of red in my bible from a conference long ago reminding me of His Goodness.
10. Smell of peppermint oil on my wrist.


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