Mar 20, 2014

the alpaca toasty has it's day

I am not sure if you can join in with the same item 400 times in show and tell but I have proved I bend the rules like no-ones business, so here goes.

This blanket first featured here and then here. After the last showing darling Cat emailed. She had more of the light pink yarn (and some red too) and would I like it. Oh yes please!

The blanket was a little small to be truly useful but once I had the pink on it, it started to be more blanket- like. I couldn't leave it there as it was almost the perfect size so went on the hunt for more yarn. It's now about 1700mm square and as the yarn is so heavy, it's about as big as it can get.

MJ says it looks like a liquorice all-sort. He loves those sweets so I am taking it as a compliment and running with it. The kiddies love the blanket and Luka has already spent a night under it- now that is a compliment given the heat and humidity we are living with!

Joining with the ever-crafty Leonie and knitter-guru Ginny x

 Show & Tell Thursday's

My list:

11. Yeasty hot vegemite toast
12. Tinkerbell tutu dress sparking as she spins
13. Space to write at the doctor surgery
14. Ombre shards of shell on golden sand
15. Sunshine on shoulders
16. Endless symphony of waves
17. Salty smell of sea
18. Mermaid children at one with the water


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