Apr 12, 2014

a friday

Friday's are mine and Grace's day. We do a few tasks, have coffee and do what Grace likes to do (swing at the park and swing some more)

This was Grace's Friday....

Early morning concert to "Let it go" from Frozen. Grace IS Queen Elsa in that moment.

Fluffy and biscuit with Mama and her friend.

At the second park of the day by 10.30am. Grace has been on the swings for a long long time.

After school watching Luka and her cousin play at park number 3.

Deciding who she will allow to help her down...

Allowing her brother and cousin to share a beanbag, at the opposite end of the living room. Because, well they are boys and need to be kept at a distance.

My list:
45. Little boy balancing on the bar at gymnastics
46. Toothy grin
47. Small hand in mine in the early morning darkness


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  1. Smiling at keeping boys at a distance xxx
    Ahhhhh hold tight to these days


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