Apr 1, 2014

on being grinchy

Well, hello. Where to begin? Maybe with some current happy things?  I am a little over blogs that make whining funny and into an art form so best I take note and even though feeling whiney is a constant, best I NOT whine. I am so fun right now. Come over, you won't regret it (lie).


Here is my happy list:

Hat day at school. MJ wanted to make Luka a shrub hat like he was a soldier in camouflage. We compromised on a swamp hat complete with crocodile and snake. Luka apparently terrorised the small girls with the snake but all in all the hat was a big hit with  his little boy mates. And that's what matters.

Flowers from friends in memory of my Dad. Having people remember this a month after it all happened was truly lovely.

Going for a walk with Grace in her handpicked outfit. Pajama bottoms, gum boots and her ballet tutu. Perfection.

My list:
19. Foodhall clatter, each voice beloved of God.
20.  Heady scent of magenta hued flowers.
21. For a teacher that sees into a little boy heart.
22. A small school with You at it's core.
23. Dinner made with love by a grandmother.
24. Playing rope with the belt of her dressing gown.
25. Early morning chill as the seasons turn.


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