Apr 14, 2014


I am taking time to heal. I am emotionally exhausted. A deep hugeness of tiredness that is more than a physical ache. Taking it slow is a good thing. I have been to my holistic doctor who has a name for where I am at the moment. And my mothers counselor (who hasn't met me) also has a label for me. I don't mind or care what my now is called, I am just trying to be nice to me. Funny how we run from certain terms as Christians. But now that I am here faced with those terms, I am ok. They do not define me, they may or may not, describe a space where I am here and now.

Sleeping is a must, even with help. Natural or not natural help, sleep is essential. Lavender is wonderful, on my pillow and the soles of my feet. Valerian is another amazing herb. But when all else fails, I have my back up pills. And an amazing doctor who just said, "Take them for now, end of conversation".

I think we expect a lot of ourselves. To bounce back like a rubber ball after big things happen. But if you carry a load for years, how do you bounce back in weeks? Well you just can't. So it helps to be nice to you.

There are so many others on this journey. I have recently rediscovered someone and she is on the same path. A well of information and a hand to hold mine, I am so blessed to have her companionship.

Gratitude keeps my eyes upwards and I know He is ever so gentle with me. Be nice to you, friends. You are worth it x


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