Apr 26, 2014

the pox

Last Monday I noticed a sore on Luka's head and a "pimple" on the back of his head. Oh well, no rash to be seen, I sent him off to school. Wednesday we stood in a store choosing a present and he was dancing around. "I am itchy all over Mama", I lifted his shirt to see a rash that hadn't been there that morning. Chicken pox.

We flew home (after infecting the entire school and mall. Gotta love this first time mother.)

We got straight into some natural therapies. I used lavender oil with a carrier oil constantly over the next couple of days as lavender is so good with itching. Our life saver though was this kit. The chicken pox survival kit. It's all natural which sold us and we know families that have used it with success. It has a paste that you apply before a bath which dries out the blisters. Then a long soak in the bath soothes and stops itching. Finally a lotion applied after the bath helps to heal.

We still went away as we had the holiday cottage to ourselves. There's no bath so Luka submerged himself in a tub. What a little trooper. We bathed 3 or 4 times a day and this really helped. We only had one bad night with Luka when the itching drove him crazy. He had two awful spots in his ear which were super painful but generally they were painless.

It would have been great to get onto this kit when I first noticed the initial pox. And been even better if I hadn't sent him to school to infect all his class mates, let's be honest. Ignorance is truly bliss. We are now watching Grace like a hawk as she has a 90% chance of getting it. Happily it's the school holidays which is perfect timing for quarantine!

My list:
45. Little boy balancing on the bar at gymnastics
46. Toothy grin
47. Small hand in mine in the early morning darkness


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