May 23, 2014

a dress

I have never had any clear cut expectation of gender. I was so grateful to actually be a mother I didn't care how the children turned out. That sounds wrong. I mean, I didn't care about the lines between the genders being drawn. But I have such a "boys" boy and a "girls" girl. Grace surprised me as my assumption was that she would be like her aunt who has two brother and is a tomboy. Grace has 5 boy cousins within a couple of years of her and is the girliest girl ever.

Cue the birthday dress. Grace plays dress up a whole lot. Her gifted tinkerbell dress was becoming a little tight and waaaay too short. I asked her if she would like a dress up dress for her birthday. Of course Mama, what a question.

So I picked her up early from preschool on her birthday and we went to the Fairy Shop (here). Dress up heaven in a shop. The shop ladies were such a help as it was utterly overwhelming. I wanted Grace to choose and choose she did. We eventually offered her four options based on the loose "I want a sleeping beauty dress please". She chose a pink and white creation with countless flowers and sparkles and sheen. I admit my Mom and I tried to steer her towards a more user-friendly option with a shorter skirt and brighter colours but Grace was having none of that, thankyouverymuch.

She loves it. LOVES it. In this dress she is Queen Elsa/ Princess Aurora/ Fairy Sparkle all meshed into one fabulous being. As  for me, I am hoping the next dress with this much froth will be her wedding dress ;-)


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