May 9, 2014

blanket of note

Joining in with Show and tell with my WIP. It will  be a WIP for a looooong time to come. I ordered a blanket set from Meraki Studio- 10 skeins of beautiful wool making a rainbow. I wanted this blanket to be long enough to cover my very tall husband when lying on the couch in mid winter (with the fire flickering in the corner, holding a glass of mulled wine...ha!). I realised after making a band of zig zags in double stitch that it would not be nearly long enough with the blanket set. So I ordered 6 more skeins (a slight overkill but I have a fear of not having enough fabric/ wool. A justified fear in my defense.)

It's double knit using a 5.5mm hook in zigzags loosly based on a pattern I have used before. As this is going to be so very long I think I may need a border to make it more of an even rectangle. We'll see. In the meantime I have another 7 and a bit skeins to go....

Joining in with Leonie x

 Show & Tell Thursday's

My list:

63. The presence of my mother
64. Word feeding my soul.
65. Splashes of color created by small hands pinned in a row.
66. Knowing I am loved.
67. The smell of serenity.
68. A bundle of discarded clothes showing me I have a family.


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  1. Oh my gosh it is so lovely
    I am in awe at the speed you crochet
    I was thinking I'm in need of another craft night - what do you think ???

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous Sammy! you are the queen of crochet lady! never have I seen anyone make blankets at such a fast rate.

  3. This is the most beautiful ripple I have ever seen! I would have ordered way too much wool too, better to be prepared x

  4. This is stunning, the most beautiful ripple I have ever seen!


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