May 26, 2014

queen of everything, everywhere

Grace had her Dora the Explorer party this weekend. She got a talking card declaring her *to fanfare* the queen of everything, everywhere. That pretty much summed it how she felt on the day. Which made me very happy.

 It was a girls only affair at Grace's request. This was hard to pull off as most of her cousins are boys, but we decided to let her have her way. I can now say that the volume of noise between an all boys party and an all girls party is exactly the same. However the all girls party has zero violence- no pushing, shoving or hitting. Therefore no children crying and a so a more relaxed hostess.

There were 7 small princesses and one small Batman aka Luka. Poor Batman was not well received by the royal court and so Daddy entertained him with running, catching and other suitably testosterone-charged entertainments.

Without her much louder and older boy cousins and brother, Grace was able to be the Queen Bee. She dictated the flow of it all with fervour. She loved every minute of her party and we loved being able to make it happen for her (this once! Next year will be an all inclusive, non-gender specific 5th party ;-) )


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