May 1, 2014


I have recently rediscovered a friend. We kind of lost touch for a couple of years, seeing each other on facebook but not actually spending time together. Our journeys are similar and suddenly we have just reconnected.

I am beyond thrilled. There's a history there, a good history which makes picking up again easy. I am careful though to manage myself. There's a temptation for me to analyse why we lost touch and promise myself to be a better friend with this reconnection. To speak promises to try and explain why we lost touch.

But I like how we are together. We are both honest about where we are at and the emotional energy and capacity we have. I can't promise to "be better at this" as I am not sure what "better" is. I was the best I could be over the last couple of years, it's been a struggle to have enough for my family let alone my friends. And at times, being honest, that best was not enough. But it's all I had.

So we met up and laughed and talked. It was so sweet. And as I drove home I promised myself that I would do my best. And give what I have. That's all we can do, as mothers and wives and daughters and sisters and friends. To give what we have. And if we truly give what we have it will always be enough, it has to be enough. Even if a friendship ebbs and flows, it will always flow back. And I am loving this new season of flow!


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