May 14, 2014

yay sole!

I have a little secret, mother's little secret for energy. And it's not a drug, or a long G&T. Turns out I have adrenal fatigue (when you are in the fight or flight adrenaline mode for too long) which accounts for how rubbish I have been feeling. Nothing was helping the mid afternoon slump. Nothing. And I felt like the living dead every single afternoon from about 1pm onwards. So tired I would fall asleep at the kitchen table.

On the advice of a friend I tried sole. It's pronounced solay. A glass of sole and 2 vitamin C tablets daily at about 12pm and I feel like a human being again.  Vitamin C feeds the adrenal glands and the sole is a tonic. I have energy. Blessed, sweet afternoon energy.

So, what is sole? Well, it's cheap and easy to make...

Put a thick layer of pink Himalayan salt on the bottom of a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with distilled water about 3x the thickness of the salt. One quarter salt to 3/4 water. Cover with a plastic lid and leave overnight. In the morning if all the salt is dissolved, put more salt in. Continue until the salt is no longer dissolving. This is sole! Keep in the fridge and use one teaspoon in a full glass of water. I take it in the morning and at lunchtime.

The Himalayan salt has about 84 minerals in it and you are basically giving your body a boost. It can help to make your body alkaline which fights disease. It's a detoxifier. It's amazing. You can find a good source of Himalayan salt almost anywhere. I like it to be organic but really I will take what I can find to feel like this. I used mostly salt crystals and then some ground salt. I can't imagine it would make a difference but I do wing things at times.

Ole sole!

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by no-one. Opinions all my own and based on my own experience. I am just sharing what helps me.


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