Jun 30, 2014


 image clearly not of the actual house, but from Disney...just saying

We are on the move. After not moving for 15 years this is our second move in 18 months. My Mom needs to come under MJ's wing and so we started looking for a house with a granny flat attached. We are going on holiday soon and I declared, in an adamant way, that we could not move before we went away. This is justified as to go away as a small business owner means endless juggling and some very late nights before I can go away from the business.

Then two weeks ago we were given notice. We needed to move the day that we got back from holiday. That was always going to end well. We asked for an extension and got it.

Then found The Palace.

It's crazy huge and crazy posh. And for a crazy rent much lower than it should go for. The owners wanted to sell the house and renting it out was a second option. MJ was determined. He attended the open homes and walked around praying over the rooms. He called the agent again and again.

Then we were granted an interview with the owners. We brushed up and appeared all sparkly and bright. They offered to rent us the house but... we have to move in before we go away. Oh and get out of the lease extension to house we are in to avoid going bankrupt paying for two houses for an extra 8 weeks. Plus the new lease is only for 15 months.

And somehow it has all fallen into place. I have surprised myself about how unstressed I am about it all. It is such a blessing and blessings are not always wrapped up in neat little boxes. Sometimes you have to trust through a blessing.

I started thinking it was too much and too big and too posh and then thought, heck. Why worry? Just be grateful.

This is an amazing house and is perfect for us and a lovely lady who needs to make a new way in life. My Mom gets to live in a beautiful little unit attached to the house. Safe and secure but with her own space.

Who knows what will happen in 15 months but in the meantime we are going to juice this blessing for all it's worth. Just love every second we are in this new house!

P.S. Good luck to us moving next weekend without a single thing packed yet ;-)


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  1. Wow that is full on. But full of his providence nonetheless. Bless you in this move and change xx

  2. Heres hoping it all sails smoothly for you xxx

  3. Here's for an easy transition. Xx


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