Jun 24, 2014

my guy

This last weekend I went on a road trip with Luka. We visited the town he was born in and stayed with a close friend of mine.

We saw Luka's birth father and his family. This was huge for Luka as he's getting to an age when he seems to "get it" a lot more. There's an intense amount of attention on him and he feels it. We met some new members of the birth family which was lovely/ awkward. Luka's birth father adores him and is young enough to bounce around the play ground with him and so gradually pull down Luka's guard.

The friend we stayed with has walked a similar journey of inferility to me. I remember the two of sitting in a cafe talking about our hopes and dreams. And watching those hopes and dreams play together was very sweet!

I loved spending time alone with my little man. He's such an amazing person who is at an age where he can express himself and his opinion. We journeyed together and it was good x

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