Jun 14, 2014


On Thursday my sister texted me " Mom on her way to hospital in ambulance, has chest pains. Will keep you updated".

I have no defences against news like that anymore. I go straight to the most extreme





....and on and on...

My mom has inoperable cancer but it's inactive. She is classed as terminal so anything going wrong is a big deal with the  doctors and oncologist.  They whipped her straight in and hooked her up to all sort of machines and started running a million tests. After a nail biting couple of hours they started ruling out things and I unwound a little with each negative test. The next day after finally ruling out the last possibility they discharged her. What was wrong? No-one knows.

And all I know right now is that her entire body has been checked out and it's ok. She is ok. So now, I am ok.



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  1. Oh Sammy ;( did they ever find the cause of those chest pains?
    My Mr B has been having severe chest pains every night for past two weeks - chest xray = ok - ECG = ok - blood tests = ok - me and he = shattered, exhausted,
    Sending you love xxxx

  2. Oh hon. I can only imagine the fear that news like that brings. Thank you Lord that she is ok and so are you. Xx

  3. Sending you so much love xxxx

  4. Oh Sammy, that must've been so scary! Good to hear that she is ok. Here's hoping she gets her strength back quickly. Thinking of you all x

  5. How very scary - can just imagine the emotions! Not very nice but thank heaven she's ok. You're ok, it's all ok. Thinking of you both and hope there is no repeat xx

  6. Breathing with you - I can't even imagine how scary that was for you, so glad everything is ok.

    Sending big hugs!


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