Jun 12, 2014


Since my Dad died we have been trying to find a way through. Realising that in fact, we were on a little raft at sea, in a storm. In trying to keep afloat we had not looked up and around and seen where we were. So we are navigating. Taking stock, repairing and healing. The storm is over, now we have a chance to find our way.

In the middle of all of this there are two small people. Who need life to be as balanced and calm as possible.

And little Grace is unwell. Getting chicken pox knocked her immune system. An ear infection and a cold have meant half the week off pre-school. Which means a whole lot of juggling. At times like this I am so grateful for the chance to put her first. I have the option to go slow for the day (and make up at night). I am blessed with this business. And this is a good reminder for those times when it overwhelms me and the moaner emerges.

So I am off to cuddle Grace and watch the Frozen movie. Again. For the 400th time. Lucky it's a good movie...

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