Jul 16, 2014

bucket list

One day in February, I took my mother to her oncologost for a checkup. Her results were good and her oncologist urged her, for the second time, to make a bucket list. He reminded her that she was "well" and the cancer was inactive. He said that she should live NOW and do all that she wants to do, in this season and soon.

As we drove home I asked her what was on her bucket list. "Travel" was the immediate response. When I asked her were she wanted to go, a tropical island was high on the list. "Right" I said, "we'll do it". So we planned and booked a trip. A few weeks later, Dad died and this holiday has been something my mother has held onto over the hard and cold months since.


Here we are in Rarotonga. We have holidayed here before. It's small and friendly. It's how you imagine a tropical island to be. It's a short plane trip from New Zealand and they use New Zealand currency. We are staying here. A family friendly resort, no bells and whistles but absolutely lovely.

The best part? Watching my mother enjoy this holiday. I have done everything for everyone. All they had to do was turn up and enjoy themselves. And I loved every second of the preparation, it was a joy to do. I am so grateful to be here with my family x


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