Jul 14, 2014

the age of innocence

I was blessed to be super innocent as a child. Even though I grew up in a country that was permanently in a "state of emergency" or marshall law, nothing ever happened to me or my family. I truly believed that no-one would ever hurt me as I was a little girl. I only realise the value of my sheltered childhood now, as I raise my own children.

I see the same innocence that I had, in Luka. He believes in black and white, good and bad. If you are good, you win and no-one will hurt you. After talking a close friend, we realised that we are able to shelter our children at this age. And what a gift it is to be able to do so.

We really control technology and what they watch.  I overhead Luka telling his friend that other day that "we don't watch PG (parental guidance rated) movies in this house. They are too violent, we only watch G movies (general rated)". I laughed to myself as PG movies are really not violent at all. But if he's happy to just watch G rated movies, so am I...

Luka is happy to go to the movies and watch "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy". He is also happy to watch Disney Junior and Nick Junior TV channels. He's 5 and a half and I am going to ride this as long as I can. I can't see the same thing happening with Grace as she will be watching what Luka watches. So when he grows up, so will she.

So there is something so sweet about an eldest child, with no other older child influences in the house. They are truly so innocent and I know what a blessing it is to be that child. Long live the age of innocence!


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