Jul 30, 2014

togs and fear free

This last holiday something shifted for me in the "fear of togs on show" department. For my beautiful foreign readers this means "fear of baring oneself in a swimming costume in a public place".

I realised that at my age all expectations are off. I have left my thirties behind and so the media has lost any hope of me looking like a 20 year old. Comments made about some one like me, who still looks like they are 20 years old, in a magazine are always prefaced with a kind of wonder. "Despite her age, such and such still looks great and toned in her togs"

As you can imagine this loss of media expectation suits me down to the ground. Very freeing.

Plus with two small children in tow, there is the welcome assumption that I popped them both out. Untrue but very welcome. And because of this I am expected to be carrying a little more weight around the midsection. Thankyouverymuch, I will take that.

All this added up to me having a wonderful time by the pool and on the beach. Me and my tankinis ruled the waves.

And to prove that I am fearless in this area now, here I am with my small water limpet. Sans makeup and rocking my togs.


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  1. Beautiful inside and out and your words so beautiful xxx

  2. This is simply beautiful and you look HOT! Yay for tankinis!

  3. Gorgeous girl you are ;) feeling confident and content makes such a difference xx


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