Aug 30, 2014


As I grow into my forties I am being intentional about my girl friends. I have lost a fair few relationships over the last few years, let's not go there again. Anyway ;-)

I am making plans to intentionally see those girls I love. Yes it's hard to fit these times in, they cost time I don't really have. But they are worth every minute (and late night work catch up afterwards).

A few weeks ago I did a very quick one day visit to Christchurch and Wellington. I did about two hours in Christchurch before flying onto Wellington. I shuffled my flight out of Wellington so I could catch up with Meg from The Adventures of MNMs. To know Meg is to love her. We spent a couple of hours connecting at the heart level. It was good.

Then last weekend I went away with two other lovelies. One I have known for well over a decade and we know each others thoughts. I love it, we just have to look at one another and we know what they other is thinking. She is one of the only people, other than MJ, that I feel comfortable changing in front of. I am super super modest. Why I am adding that point into a blog post who knows, but it illustrates how close we are. The other friend is one that I have reconnected with recently. She is pure gold that one.

And on Friday I caught with my dear dear Simoney. She is one of my oldest friends and I love that we have known each other forever. She writes about our catchup here...

I am also trying to remember to express gratitude to women that I think are amazing. The world of bloggers is so generous and a lot of women give and give and give. Saying thank you to them for just being awesome is a habit I hope to form.

All of this takes effort and time. And it would be so easy to wrap myself up in my husband, business and children and let friendships wane. But I just can't do that. I want to have these same women and many that are not mentioned here as friends when I am old and grey. I hope to be a naughty old woman, sneaking gin and tonics in my nursing home and woo-haaing with my friends in the lounge.

Bring on the friendships, the old lovely ones, the shiny new ones and the ones I have yet to make!


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  1. Ah babe. It was such a special couple of hours. I'm so blessed that you wanted to spend that time with me xx

  2. You could change in front of anyone dear friend because you have a remarkable body for a women in her 40's. You really should whip those legs out more often. Haha! Loved spending time. xx


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