Aug 12, 2014

on being humbled

Recently I have had the opportunity to learn humility. In a big way. MJ and I made a huge decision, I won't go into what it was. MJ talked to the person in charge and somehow in the mix the impression was formed that it was my decision that drove us to make the choice. Not true. Then a mix up in communication around a blog post and through someone reading it, someone else formed the impression that it was offense on my part that led to the decision. That I was offended and that's why I made the decision.

Wrong impression within wrong impression. And I can't unravel it. I know that no matter what I say or do, the impression would remain. So I have to live with it. And it's so humbling as it's a big decision and one we made with no ulterior motive.

It's hard to wear but in the end we can't control what others think. And we have to be ok with what others think about us, good and bad. So while it's hard I am grateful for the experience. It's heart breaking too but I guess that's also a life lesson.

So here I am. Humbled. Another ouchy lesson in this journey but one that is well worth learning I feel.

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