Aug 18, 2014

the traveling circus and nekkels

This weekend was a year on from MJ's Gran's funeral. We met up north to lay Gran's ashes to rest next to Grandad. Just like last year the great grandchildren lightened the mood and reminded us that life does go on. And we reminded everyone in the family that to have us present is to have a traveling circus on hand.

Right near Gran and Grandad's spot was a little forest glade. Luka and the other small male great grand-boys ran amok who-haaing and carrying on like no-ones business. There were very large sticks involved but luckily only the bushes suffered.

Grace on the other hand was of the firm belief that someone lovely had left her all these amazing flowers lying on the ground to play with. And weren't they kind? She rearranged flowers on graves and ran around with a plastic butterfly at one point. It was so inappropriate I was speechless. However the family loved it and told me to let her be. And I thought that most of the people at rest would be Nanas and Poppas and so probably wouldn't mind their flowers being given to Ethel down the row and getting a purple plastic butterfly in return.

Grace truly livened the event up and the best moment was when she loudly asked MJ's cousin, who was breast feeding her baby " Why is that baby eating your nekkels??!?"

The children laid flowers in Gran's final resting place and it was very good. I love and respect my in-laws so much. They are the reason I feel so connected to New Zealand.

Arohanui for the final time Gran, thank you for being so awesome and raising such an amazing family. Some of us are very loud. You would be proud ;-)


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