Sep 15, 2014


I have been on a detox for the last 5 weeks. It's been a long time coming. I have cut out all sugar and wheat too. I had to build up to the severing of my tie to sugar mentally. It took a while. I said a looooong good-bye ending with my girls weekend away.

I used these two suppliments for the first month. A heavy metal detox and iodine.

I won't lie, it got ugly. About week 3 I got really ratty. My friend Leonie, calls it "stabby". I was very very stabby and at one point my mother asked me to please (for the love of all of them) stop the detox. The stabbiness went away and then I got dizzy and nauseous. At the peak of it I could not stand upright. I lay on the couch and MJ mopped my brow and rejoiced that Stabby Sammy had gone away. He could live with Sick Sammy.

But it passed and so I moved onto Stage 2. The colon cleanse. I was expecting things to move unpleasantly...youknowwhatImean. But they haven't. Nice one. This detox is all essential oils which we have using constantly for about 6 months or so. This is not like the heavy metal detox and seems to be a bit milder. I do 10 days on this, then 5 days of probiotics, then 10 days of this again.

I am passionate about healing my gut. This is the start of a journey towards getting my colon clean and healthy. After I am finished with the GX assist I want to try this. Apparently it's amazing.

Eliminating sugar was interesting. I took a long time to take the choice as it seemed so hard. And initially it was. We are already gluten free as a family so that wasn't hard.

I found after a week or so that my tastebuds changed. I no longer craved sugar and I find things so much sweeter than I did before. It's hard to explain from this side of it to people that side of it as all I could see from that side was how hard it would be. It sounded super unattractive.

But it's worth it, I promise. I have done this on my own as I needed to make the change in myself before I could have the willpower to get the kids to do it. And while we are reducing sugar, I just can't be that mother who won't let her kids have sweeties and ice pops. There needs to be a little balance in their small worlds. So if Grace gets given lollies for a birthday celebration at school, she can have them. Just not all at the same time.

I noticed in the mirror this morning that the dark circles under my eyes have gone. My skin is clearer and I am less tired. Love it love, love it!


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  1. I really can't picture you being stabby at all

  2. I swear I left you a comment on this post a while ago! Maybe I am going senile!

    I am with you on the sugar-free... we're in the process as well, although I have yet to give it up completely *gulp*; not sure about sugar-free coffee and porridge yet!


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