Sep 8, 2014


My Mom has had another good scan and report. I am in danger of becoming blase. But not quite. Tonight friends of my parents visited. He is suffering from cancer, the final stages. He looks so sick. I threw everything at him, samples of essential oil, websites, the name of my natural doctor, in desperation.

I long to see him victorious. He is an old friend who knew my Dad well. I feel as if in some way, I can help him, I can make up for the help that my Dad would not accept from me.

My Mom is now in the "extraordinary" percentage of patients the oncologist has. Those who have overcome in the most amazing way. But we live with the shadow of the dormant cancer. Dormant but not extinct. As I watch my mother I grow more opposed to the harshness of chemo. It has truly wrecked her body. And yet I know she will turn to it once more if she believes she needs it and I will support her.

I am doing a detox at the moment and it is awful. Yesterday I couldn't stay upright from the nausea. As I lay on the couch watching the wind ruffle the leaves through the window I focused on all those toxins leaving my body. Year apon year of fertility drugs, layer apon layer of toxins.

I encourage all who will listen to start on a journey of natural health. Find the best suppliment you can and then build on that. If your body is strong enough it will fight for you.

I wish my Dad had let me help him. But my Mom is letting me, and that is truly wonderful.


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