Sep 24, 2014

here we go once again

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Just a short 3 weeks after this post, our battle with the beast begins again. The cancer is back and has metastasized. We have caught it early due the location. There are two tumours in my mother's spine and the pain was a red alert for us.

Our glorious run is at an end. I dared to believe that my mother was healed so this is a shock. We are treating again with radiation and chemo. I don't care at this point about using chemo again. It worked last time and bought us a precious year of wellness. According to the oncologist we may not have as long a period of wellness next time. Fabulous.

When we heard last night at the meeting with the specialist I honestly wondered if I had the strength to do this again. To walk this journey again 7 months after my Dad's cancer journey ended. But what a silly question to myself. Like I have a choice.

His Grace was sufficient for me last time and it will be again.

So here we go again, once more.


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