Sep 5, 2014

rolling and overcoming

I am getting better with rolling with the punches when it comes to my little boy. This morning we had another molar tooth extracted and a cavity filled. Turns out he has hyper -something-something-enamel-not forming-properly. I am good on're welcome! So in 5 short years of life he's had 2 cavities filled, 2 molars and one front tooth extracted.

It seems like we go from one struggle to another with this little man. But I am realising that this is making him and I overcomers. He is learning from a very young age, how to push through. I am learning how to watch a piece of my heart struggle and push through.

So when his teacher wanted to see me this week I braced myself. This time is a potential Auditory Sensory Processing disorder. I sort of knew this one was coming. Luka cannot take loud noise of any type. Turns out the state does not even test for his age so once again we go private.

I am grateful for the teacher who raised this as it almost/ maybe becomes an issue. Earlier this year she raised a potential speech issue which once we had an assessment done, was nothing. That time it seemed like the final straw although to be fair, my Dad had just died. This time it just seems like another hurdle. And all of this is growing an internal strength in Luka. Someone who faces struggles head one and braces himself to overcome.

Today was rough at the dentist. Last time was a disaster. But eventually he pushed through with the help of his Daddy. He is very proud of himself and I am too x


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  1. Oh I hear you on so many levels Sammy! My third boy is very much like Luka and has hyperplasia on many of his teeth.... Yip lots of dentistry work...glasses among other things..... It's not what I imagined I would face with my children.... But boy does it toughen you up!! Xxx the sad thing for my boy is we have so much going on with his other 3 siblings that I haven't got the time to help him yet with understanding his sensory needs....feeling very guilty


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