Oct 30, 2014


My darling friend Catherine remarked today that I have been too quiet and she's right. But sometimes I get tired of being the drama girl. The one with the train smash happening in her life for the second time in a year.

The truth is that I am not sure what is happening right now. My sisters noticed behaviour in my mother that looked like my Dad's ones. So we saw the oncologist this week and had an urgent CT scan and MRI scan the next day. Still we don't know. There's something in her brain but they can't say that it's cancer. So we wait. For something to grow or not to grow.

Meanwhile my Mother may or may not be confused due to the morphine. She can't butter a piece of toast right now. Is it the cancer? A mini stroke? Or too much morphine? Who the heck knows.

We wait.

A small but definite ray of hope is that my beloved aunt is coming. She is coming for Christmas to stay in the palace. And we are going to throw the most over the top Christmas you ever saw. I can't wait.

Sorry for the radio silence friends. I just struggle to get my head around this. I would love to post on rainbows and moonbeams but this is my life. And I am can't be anything but real (sorry).

There's a lot of head adjusting and waiting right now so there may be a little silence x

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