Oct 8, 2014

dress for grace

In our (much larger) house I now have a sewing corner. A table where the sewing machine and supplies can be set up. This makes sewing soooo much more accessible for me. Instead of spending 10 minutes setting up I can now spend 10min sewing. Love it!

I have made a dress for Grace. The pattern was Simplicity 2269 and I had some cheap gingham fabric in my stash to see if this was a pattern that I wanted to use on the nicer fabric I have for Grace.

The short answer to that would be no. This pattern has 17 prices of fabric to cut and sew together excluding the interfacing. That is just a tad excessive. The bodice construction was a horror and the "quick unpick" and I are now fast friends. The pattern states "easy to sew" on the front. I guess it could be easy for an expert but for a beginner/ intermediate sewer it was not easy at all.

However I love the puff sleeves. They were fiddly but easy and I love the effect. I will be using this sleeve construction again. Grace also loves the dress and wore it before the final wash and iron. This may have been due to the extensive use of pink flower rick-rack used to hide the shoddy sewing but I will take this as a win!

Here is my reluctant but very beautiful model wearing her new dress hot off the sewing table....


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