Oct 27, 2014

finding joy

This is a gruelling season. Following on the heels of another gruelling season. But there are two sides to this. I found last year and early this year that the brutality of what we were looking at made other things shimmer with joy. There are two sides, grief and joy. And they are two sides of the very same coin.

I also have a very wise and loving husband. He's the best. He decided we would go away to our little slice of heaven over this long weekend. Just the four of us. I lay around, fell asleep in the sun, read 3 books, ate two bars of chocolate and generally rested myself. He ran the show, looked after the kids and made sure the fire was burning (it was cold!).

And this weekend was all kids of joy. Knowing what we left and would return to made this so sweet. We are such a great little team, the four of us. I am truly blessed x

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