Nov 3, 2014


Today you are 6 years old, my darling Luka. Happy birthday!

I feel that this year has been a happy one for you, sweet little man. Despite the things that we have faced as a family, you have had a really good year. And that makes everything worth while.

This has been your first year at school and you have loved it. Your teacher says that you are kind and empathetic and that makes you an amazing person. You see the ones that are hurting and you go out of your way to include them and draw them in. You are well liked, Luka, and that is different to being popular. You are well liked as your heart is kind.

You have such a thirst for knowledge and learning. We love that in you. You can read and write and have a gift for writing stories. Pandas feature a lot in your stories with their "soft fur and sharp claws"!

We love you honey, inside and out. Thank you for being the most amazing little man


Your Mama xxx

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