Nov 2, 2014

sugar and guns

Luka's birthday party was yesterday. I didn't plan to have a party but then I saw a great deal on a discount website for mobile laser strike. Luka loves testosterone charged games. Lurves them.

So we got a deal big enough for all the little men in Luka's school class- because don't we all have memories of not being invited to a birthday party of someone in your class? Now all the little boys have a collective memory of being included. Admittedly this probably matters more to me than them ;-)

This was so simple. Everything was shop bought, including the cake *gasp*! The 16 small male children were entertained at the park next door to our house for two hours of the three hour party. Win! Then I fed them utter party rubbish food filled with sugar and preservatives and sent them home. I am sure I was a popular mother at many houses yesterday afternoon.

The boys loved it. Guns and sugar, pretty much a perfect morning for them.

And Luka? He told me his day was "just wonderful". And that, my friends, is all I need to know x


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