Dec 7, 2014

for my sisters

For my sisters both blood and spirit. Even though I believe that we walk through trials with no trace of the smoke on our clothes, that is any burden of negativity like bitterness, what we walk through marks us. We carry the scars of our battles which change us and mould us. There are things you can only learn in the trials and I am grateful for these marks.

There are species of trees
with seeds hidden deep
they only need fire to flee,
and only in flames
will they spread their wings
and land sweetly
in newly black soil.
Only when it burns down
can they grow new.
They will carry the taste of ash
as long as they live,
their rings will sing
of the heat they endured,
but of all the trees
they will reach the highest,
none will know the sky
like them

Tyler Knott Gregson

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