Jan 14, 2015

blanket of note - take 2

A while back I wrote about a yarny WIP, a ripple rainbow blanket. Sometime late last year in all the turmoil, I finished it. It's a little bit huge- 2200x1200mm but with the border, long and wide enough to cover my husband. He does a fair bit of late night TV watching and this is perfect to keep him company.

It's a rainbow on steroids and I love it. It was mammoth though and near the end I got very very tired of it. As I said in the earlier post the yarn is from Meraki studio, in a double knit. I got the original rainbow set and then ordered more. Lots more. Which took a loooong time to crochet.

Now it's done I can safely say it was worth it. It's not the most robust of blankets perhaps because the yarn is custom dyed? I took it in for my Mom at the hospital but quickly brought it back home as it was taking a thrashing in that environment.

It was also not the cheapest blanket around and I learned my lesson. Use store bought wool for blankets as your wallet will thank you. Having said that I have another blanket's worth of custom wool staring at me waiting to be made into a blanket (!) Oh well :-)

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