Jan 9, 2015


Yesterday we said our final good-byes to my mother. There was so much that has happened over the last few weeks to reassure our breaking hearts that all is well. There was a continuing theme of angels over this time but that is a story for another time. Little things happened too, like the colour lilac that popped up again and again.

My mother was a lady. Well groomed and matching and oozed elegance. I sent the photo we wanted to use to our friend who was doing the order of service. Mom was wearing lilac top and Evan used this colour throughout the order of service. Lilac number 1.

When I saw the order of service my heart leapt as we had somehow bought lilac ribbon that day to make a "train" (think sleigh reins) for the grandchildren to lead my mom's casket out of the church. Lilac number 2.

Then later when we talked about this crazy "coincidence" we remembered that in the hours after my Mom passed we had picked her favourite blouse for her to wear to her final resting place. Which had a predominant colour of? Lilac number 3. And, she is wearing that blouse in the photo on the back of the order of service.

These are little nothing things but they remind us that we are not forgotten. That God had this event in hand as He has every other one.

So here I sit. My first full day without any part of my mother in it. It's quiet but I think we need time to just process and sit. Not sure what life will look like in 2015, but I trust it will be ok.


  1. Beautiful and precious. Praying for God's peace to envelop you guys this year - He hasn't failed us yet. Xoxo

  2. Beautiful - and yes, I trust too that your year will be good and He has it (and you) in hand xx

  3. Oh Sammy xxx what beautiful moments in those days, they must have given such a sense of peace.....I believe they were there for a reason ;) Wishing you an amazing restorative and peaceful 2015!

  4. His hand was truly in those last moments weaving together the constant themes that allowed you to feel his everlasting love and presence. Bless you dear one xx

  5. I see by reading through your blog when you mom left....thinking of you...sending love and light xox

  6. all WILL be ok my friend


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