Jan 28, 2015


I just love blogging and bloggers. Most of the world has moved onto Instagram but I just can't help feeling it's like the difference between a snack and meal.

Blogging lets me into someone's world. The words and pictures make me feel like I know them. And sometimes that "knowing" turns into real life friendships. I know and love so many bloggers and I have been so fortunate that at least two bloggers I have met through blogging have become close friends.

Like with Megs. She is all kinds of awesome and she feels comfortable to get into my world too. Each time we are in the same city we try and catch up and when we do we have a blast. With both my parents' deaths in the last 11 months she has made a slideshow with music, scripture and her incredible photos. And both times we played it as part of the funeral as it was was so spot on.

Then there's my beautiful friend Leonie. We have become close and she came to my Mom's funeral. I saw her as we were following my Mom's casket out the church and I kind of launched myself at her as I was just so glad to see her. She carries a serenity and grace with her that I love.

Leonie is all kinds of amazing. And she's off on a huge adventure with her family to the other side of the world. In New Zealand you learn to let people go. We live on a little island at the bottom of the earth and often times, people need to go. To explore and work and see other things.

I am so sorry to see her go but I our friendship will continue to grow. After all we are bloggers, and bloggers pretty much rock.

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