Feb 15, 2015

a whole lot of Color (Run)

We did the happiest run on the planet this morning- the Color Run. We were intent on getting coloured and having a whole lot of fun with our family...!

We got up before the sun did and headed to the stadium. We were so clean and sparkly and very very white.

Grace loves unicorns and we got her a mini Runicorn. We made sure we met the "real" Runicorn.

Off we went, we were part of the second wave, and among about 8,000 Colour Runners. It was loud and exciting and of course, FUN!

We discovered quite quickly after the pink station that Grace (who hates getting dirty) was going to have a meltdown. And it was a meltdown of epic proportions and involved howling. Luckily we had anticipated this and brought the stroller along for her to cower in. However she had to learn a hard lesson- that sometimes you have to do something you don't want to do for the general well being of the family :-(

The rest of us got on with the hard work of getting colourful. Luka rolled on the ground in each colour station to ensure maximum coverage- commitment!

The finish line, which some of us were more pleased to see than others....

The we got on with the business of partying and getting even more colourful. I had such a good time with Luka. Spot us in the middle and Luka throwing pink colour!

We had a blast. And the smallest member of the tribe learned that if you push though, you often leave happier than you thought you would. And you may even get to bounce on a bouncy twister mat and practice your moves.

We are all buzzing. We really needed a good and happy memory. I am so grateful and happy and still (even after a long shower) colourful ;-)
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