Feb 24, 2015

Mom's angels

I was reminded today that I need to remember Mom's final days and her angels. I need to write it so I don't forget as it was pretty incredible. While we were numb mostly and pretty desperate I believe that we were surrounded by His Grace. And by angels.

As Mom's final week or so approached there was so much fear and discomfort for her. She couldn't really talk and one day I looked at her and asked her if she was in pain. She shook her head. I then asked if she was scared and she nodded. I prayed my heart out over her. I starting really praying that God would give her visions of heaven to help her and give her hope. I also asked God to send an angel to watch over her.

A few days later my sister wanted to sing the song she held onto for Mom, to her. I had no idea what the song was and got goosebumps as my sister sang over my mother. The song? Dancing with the Angels (Monk & Neagle)

That weekend my sister talked to me as we were leaving the hospital. She said that a lady came up to her at church and asked her if she believed that angels watched over us. This lady said in her prayers she saw that my Mom had an angel standing at the window of her bedroom watching over her.

That same night my friend Catherine texted me and she had been praying for my Mom. She said she had a vision of an angel in Mom's room. The angel was lying under Mom's bed with his huge wings reaching up and over the top of the bed enfolding my Mom in an embrace.

Then when Mom passed my friend Meg sent a slideshow set to music for us. When I listened to it I could not believe the music it was set to- In the arms of an Angel (The Celtic Angels). We played it at the funeral and it was perfect

Co-incidence? Maybe. But none of coincidences were because of connection. None of the coincidences were related to one another at all. And that's a whole lot of coincidences very close together at a time when Mom needed comfort and strength.

I think Mom was held in her final days. Her fear washed away by the love of her Father and his Angels.
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