Feb 4, 2015

taking stock

So how are we doing one month out from losing my Mom? Actually ok. I miss my Dad more as we approach the 12 month anniversary of his death which is strange.

Aside from all of that we are really good. After 3 years of cancer consuming our family with both my parents we can now just focus on us. Our little family of 4. And supporting my sisters and their families as we try to move forward.

There have been big changed for us in the middle of all the recent craziness. MJ left his (demanding, horrible and stressful) job at the beginning of November and is going to work with me. In my design business.

This is super exciting and I am not scared in the least. A really good thing to come out of the last 3 years is that I lost all fear. I faced my worst fears and learnt that even though they came to pass, I am still standing.

MJ and I parent in our own unique way. Having kids come to us in a such a hard and painful way means that for us, being there for them is critical. That means taking them to school, fetching them and doing as much life with them as possible. Either my business had to go or MJ's job had to go. There was too much stress and the demands on the family life were too high.

So MJ's job went. Can I scream a "yahoo" for me!?! MJ is amazing. It's like my design company has struck gold. I could never have attracted someone with his people skills and all round awesomeness. So 2015 is looking pretty good. The only niggle (mainly from the accountant's perspective) was having enough workload. Well, at this point I am having the busiest February ever so I am taking that as a good sign.

I want to remember in the days of tears that have been and are to come, that life is good. We are blessed and I firmly believe that 2015 is going to be a cracker of a year!

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