Mar 15, 2015

dig deep

Last Wednesday I joined a runfit class at the gym. Up to now I had been running solo. I knew I was a slow runner, I had no idea I was an utter tortoise. We did a 5km time trial around a track as part of the class, and as people lapped me for the third freaking time, pride and dignity warred as to which felt the greater humiliation. I passed the lovely trainer for the final lap, and I was now the only runner left and had been for at least a lap. She called to me "Dig deep!" And I felt my whole body respond. Because that's something I know how to do- dig deep.

I remember standing in the shower in late 2013. My precious Dad was in the final stages of brain cancer and was suffering. I could do nothing to ease his suffering and neither could anyone else. There was no medicine or wonder cure that could help him. I felt like I was in a vice and being squeezed tighter and tighter with no release. And I knew it was going to get worse. All I could do was dig deep. Call on reserves I didn't think I had and face one day at a time. Get up face the day and do it, then start the following day again. One day, one hour, one minute, one step.

I learned that all you have to do is face one moment and then the next and then the one after that. So dying on the track last Wednesday with an entire platoon of fitter and faster runners looking on, I did just that. Kicked up my heels and sprinted. One step after another after another. I finished strong, very slow but oh so strong!

So I encourage you, if you are facing impossible things and you know it's going to get worse, dig deep. I promise you that you have it in you. It may not feel that way, but one step after another you will find your way home. And finish strong. You can do it.

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